2014 the year of creative juices!

So here we are 2014…..

You’ve quite a lot to beat! For those who don’t know me 2013 was one EPIC year…
It started off with my partner & I celebrating 10 years together (wow that makes us sound old!), next up were a couple of amazing Hen Dos followed by THE BEST DAY EVER…our wedding day! After this came not one but two honeymoons – Glasto 2013 was amazing and Morocco was magical. Finally the year was rounded off with my big THREE O celebrations (which went on for at least a month! haha) and our first Christmas as hubby & wife! Dreamy! (Oh & there was a house move in there also!)

My EPIC year!

My EPIC year!

So yes, 2014 has pretty big boots to fill.

But all is ok, as 2014 is the year for me to delve even further into my creative side.
And first up…..acting!

So for longer than I care to remember I have loved dabbling in a bit of theatre.
Drama has been a constant in my life….it’s the thing I loved to study (all the way to Uni), the thing that introduced me to my best friends, the thing that got me singing a solo at a little theatre cafe (scariest moment ever!) 
For such a shy person, it may seem a very odd hobby to enjoy and personally I’m not quite sure how it works, but it does. Maybe it’s because I can pretend to be someone else, or maybe it’s just the fun people around you but I always have and always will LOVE being on the stage. (Even if I do spend every waking moment on the lead up to that performance as a quivering nervous wreck! Sorry Mr M!) 

During the wedding planning my love of drama kind of fell by the wayside (well ALL those craft bits weren’t going to make themselves!)
Then last October I had a random invite to audition for a production, with a small company my friend was involved with. It was all very last minute and I very nearly didn’t go. But for some reason that Sunday morning I got up early and – despite trying to convince myself it wasn’t worth it I wouldn’t be right – I did make my way to Camden (I guess deep down I knew I needed to do this even if I was even more nervous than usual!) As with most auditions I have been to it was random and fun – pretend you’re a cat waking from a sleep anyone? And as with all these auditions I wasn’t sure I had really done my best (I really do have serious self-confidence issues!) BUT lo and behold, it got to the end and I was asked to stay on for the rehearsals and then I was asked if I wanted the part!! I was pretty gobsmacked, but also quite chuffed with myself! 18 months away from any kind of acting and these guys didn’t think I was a waste of their time, in fact they wanted me on board!

Two more rehearsals later and this Friday sees us performing our first two extracts from the play at a little event call Short Fuse (details of which can be found here)
Am I nervous…….hell yeah!
Am I excited…….maybe a little 😉

So wish me luck as I try to bury those nerves deep down & get myself back on that stage

Love, hugs and sparkle (there should always be sparkle!)

Mrs M x


5 thoughts on “2014 the year of creative juices!

  1. Here’s to 2014 being even more epic than last year, if that’s possible! And here’s to Friday being lots of fun and not nervewracking. You’ll be great, and let’s have a large gin together once we’re both done on stage!! x

  2. Yes, yes, yes!!!!!! I have not realised it is your blog. Yes, yes, yes!!!!! 2014 is a year where our creativity will blossom. Go Rebecca! Best of luck and for the first time ever I follow somebody….You! Love you and you are amazing. Ps. Good luck on Friday xxxxx

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