One amazing girl!


Tonight (today!) I want to tell you about my lovely friend Nicola Evans.
On Tuesday night Nic did something amazing….she raised over £3,000 for a charity very close to her heart.

Nic has a 4cm Cavernoma in her brain, a Cavernoma is cluster of blood vessels that look like a raspberry, which can grow and leak causing many neurological disorders. Sadly she has now suffered from 6 strokes, some loss of vision and a number of hospital stays due to her Cavernoma (who she has affectionately named Freddie!), and has decided enough is enough. So on the 4th March Nic will have neurosurgery to have Freddie evicted once and for all!

On her journey Nic has discovered the charity Cavernoma Alliance UK and in her own words

“They have been a lifeline to me. To finally find and talk to others with this condition has been wonderful. To hear their stories and journeys has helped me come to terms with my own.”

Nic wanted to give something back to the people who have provided her with so much support, so she decided to shave her head to raise money! Yup, you heard that right….shave her head!

Well if Jessie J can do it……..!

So last night Espiritu Salon and Spa opened their doors after hours to host a night of pampering, nibbles and wine, with the culmination being the big shave! All the lovely staff gave up their time for free and all the money raised from the treatments went directly to the charity. There was reflexology, Reiki, Indian head massages, jewellery reading, hand massages, head/neck/should massages, hair treats and for the boys wet shaves and male manicures. Obviously I opted to have my hair chalked! I mean, who wouldn’t want colourful hair?! Under the lovely Danny’s guidance I went for blue & yellow chalking in the ends of my hair – the yellow wasn’t the brightest in my hair but the blue, well I loved it! 


It was lovely to see so many people had come out to show their support for Nic. But it’s not hard to see why, Nic is one the loveliest people you will ever meet. Her smile and laughter is infectious, she is a bubbly chatterbox who, even though she had a room full of people to mingle with, made sure I was not left on my own (her and I are old friends from our days living in an amazing cul-de-sac in Maple Cross – Ladywalk, all my best childhood memories come from there! – so I knew just a small handful of people at the event). But that is just the kind of person she is.

7pm came and as much as Nic tried to avoid it, the chair was calling her. It was time!
So with a glass of wine in hand, down she sat to a room full of people staring at her. Her gorgeous long hair was plaited and (with all of us cheering her on) the first cut was made, there was no going back now. The hairdressers cut all the hair short at first, giving us all a glimpse of how easily Nic can pull off a pixie crop! Now came the electric shaver, the cheers roared and the first section was shaved. The room was filled with gasps and cheers (and a few tears). Soon the floor was covered in hair and there she was a smiley shaven head Nic. Oh my goodness she looked stunning! I don’t think there are many people who can carry off this look, but Nic is definitely one of them. Everyone I spoke to had the same response, they just couldn’t believe how much her new do suited her!

Last up she had decided to have a pink bow dyed in her hair, so the team set to work shaving the outline of the bow ready for it to be dyed pink! A girl after my own heart!


See, I told you she was smiley!

Nic, you are one hell of a girl, and an inspiration to us all. You have made everyone so, so very proud to be able to call you their friend.

When the 4th March comes round know that we will all be thinking of you, sending you our prayers, thoughts and positive energy, eagerly awaiting to see that smiley face emerge from the other side!

Love you loads

If Nic’s story has touched you in anyway then please head over to her Just Giving page and give what you can.

Here are the details of the charity she is raising the money for:
Cavernoma Alliance UK 

Lastly Nic didn’t let all that hair go to waste, she donated it to the the Little Princess Trust who provide real hair wigs to children suffering from hair loss. Details of their work can be found here:
Little Princess Trust


6 thoughts on “One amazing girl!

  1. What an inspirational story and brave woman behind!. Well done Nikki, and thank you Rebecca for sharing! I love Nikki bow and looove your blue hair. I think you should keep them permanently. It is not a joke!:)))) ps. I have finally found the option to switch on an email notifications with your new posts haha I know it took me a while to figure out that!

  2. What a lovely blog post – I’ve only just found it. I was thinking of her today of course and saw your post on her timeline.
    I’m Lisa, one of the owners of Espiritu, but also a blogger – are you in the South East Bloggers Facebook group? If not say hi on twitter/facebook and I’ll give you the URL.

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