Getting Crafty

As well as this blog, I also write for a new wedding blog called Show Me The Pretty – you should go check it out! Last week to celebrate the big V-day I made some V-day inspired garland and a heart wreath to share with the Show me the Pretty readers.

What do you think….


And do you know what, it was so, so easy to make!
the garland is just a load of little pom-poms (two different sizes) made with my new pom-p0m maker (you know the one Kirstie Allsopp got given in her Christmas craft show!). then they were tied to a long piece of wool et voilà you have yourself a pom-pom garland!

The heart was almost as easy…

All you need is a heart shaped piece of polystyrene (I got mine from Hobbycraft) and some wool in your chosen colour. Then you take the wool and wrap it around the shape until completely covered. this may take a couple of goes and the corner pieces can be tricky, but the key is to wrap as much wool around as possible and then you can slide the wool around to shift it into the corners.
Now you just add any decoration you want to it, here I have tied a couple of the spare pom-poms from the garland onto the bottom edge, but you could add buttons, or flowers, or whatever you want really!

See, not that hard at all really, just be careful not to get your ball of wool into a giant knot…..


Unraveling that took me far too long!!

Mrs M x


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