Getting back to baking!

I love to bake cakes, but due to the wedding planning I kind of let this fall by the wayside. But not any longer, no sir-y! I am getting back to baking and this weekend saw me return with a little bit of a bang.
I am not usually one for blowing my own trumpet, but I have to say these cupcakes are possibly my best yet! What do you think?……

Now I know they are not quite Lola’s or Hummingbird cupcakes BUT never the less they are the best novelty cupcakes I have made, and I may have even done a little happy jig (and squealed with delight) when I had finished them!!

These American Pool novelty cupcakes were to celebrate Mr M & his best friend’s big 3-0 (they love snooker, but I thought snooker balls would’ve been a bit boring!) and the reaction I got from our friends was the best feeling in the world. They all really loved them, and genuinely seemed to be impressed by them. So this has spurred me on to keep up the baking and I will try to share all future baking creations all with everyone (well maybe not the bad ones!!! 😉 ). So watch this space……….

Mrs M x


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